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PIC-01 Development Board

The PIC-01 Development Board demonstrates capabilities of many of the 18-, 28- and 40-pin PIC16XXXX and PIC18XXXX devices. It can be used with many types of In-Cirucit Programmers / Debuggers (e.g. ICD2, PICkit2). Ideal platform for learning about PIC microcontrollers.

R8C/13 Development Board

The R8C/13 Development Board integrates low pin count but powerful Renesas R8C/13 microcontroller. It can be programmed through the RS232 and USB, or can be used with the E8 hardware debugger, through dedicated E8 compatible connector.

LPC2148 Development Board

The LPC2148 Development Board integrates the NXP LPC2148 microcontroller. It can be programmed through the RS232 and USB, or can work with the JTAG through dedicated 20-pin compatible connector.


I am now available for a digital IC design/verification contract work or permanent position.

Please check my professional profile.

My core skills:

  • Digital IC design (ASIC, FPGAs)
  • Product requirement review and specification development
  • Architecture specification and implementation
  • Verilog/SystemVerilog for RTL design and testbench
  • Top level system integration
  • OVM/UVM/Constraint Random Verification
  • Code coverage and functional verification/VPlan generation
  • ASIC emulation/prototyping using FPGAs
  • Strong knowledge of ASIC and FPGA design flows
  • Synthesis/STA/Formal verification
  • High speed digital hardware design principles
  • C programming for embedded systems
  • Microcontroller architecture understanding
  • Communication protocols and standards
  • Mentoring junior colleagues
  • Schematic capture and PCB layout
  • Use of logic analyser, digital signal generator tools, oscilloscopes and multimeters
  • Good soldering skills for surface-mount and through-hole components